By Susan Donaldson, B.A. (Hons), Animal Campaigner

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Home Page

The Animal Help Site describes the many ways you can help animals
that are in need, right now, all around the world


Learn about the author of Animal Help Ideas, Susan Donaldson, what inspired me to create this site, and why the information and advice I provide can be trusted

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Save A Pet

Free fundraising ideas and ways to earn to help animals, the majority of which are at little to no cost to yourself

rescue Pets

Bringing together the
different parts of the
animal rescue community

Adopting A
Shelter Dog

Save a shelter dog, cat
or other animals by adopting

Why Adopt a
rescue Pet

Save the lives of innocent
animals by adopting rescue pets

Animal Fostering and sponsoring

All about fostering
and sponsoring animals

So Called
Dangerous Dogs

Why reputations are undeserved and so-called dangerous dogs make loving pets

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Fundraising Ideas

Free fundraising ideas and ways to earn to help animals, the majority of which are at little to no cost to yourself

Use A Charity
Search Engine

If you use a charity search engine,
it donates money to the charity
you choose, every time you use it

Shop Through
Fundraising Sites

Shop through fundraising sites to raise money for animal charities for FREE, with no cost to yourself

Click to give And
Play Games That Earn

Way to provide free money to your preferred animal charities

Craft, Crochet, Knit
And Sew For Charity

Crafting ideas to help animals, from crocheting, to knitting and sewing


Learn the easy fundraising ideas
you can do to help animal charities

Fundraising Charity Events And Activities

Fundraising charity events and activities for animals and rescues

Fundraising Stalls

At carnivals, fêtes, festivals,
and similar community events

Donate A Vehicle

It doesn’t matter what condition it is in, even if it is badly damaged

Donate Stuff

Declutter your home & help animals by donating to animal charities

Give Tax Donations

Tax donations are a big help. When you donate, select the Gift Aid option

Run Internet Fundraising Pages

This page tells you how to run a fundraising auction for animals

Run A Facebook Fundraising Group

Help save animals by running a Facebook charity fundraising group

Online Charity Fundraising Ideas

Find lots of online charity fundraising ideas to use here

Recycle for

Collect And recycle
To Help Animals

Support Online
Charity Shops

Buy all of your charity gifts and cards at online charity shops

Upcycle Greetings Cards, Gift Tags/Wraps

Recycle Christmas "waste", to raise funds to help animals

Mass Participation Challenges

Do mass participation challenges for charity to help animals

Use eBay
For Charity

Help stop animal cruelty if you buy or sell items on eBay for charity

Get Charity
Pet Insurance

Protect your best friend and help other animals at the same time

Shop and Donate
with Thrift Plus

This is where you donate unwanted clothes to help any animal charities

Animal Charity
Lotteries To Play

Play animal charity lotteries
and win big cash prizes

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Many crafting ideas to help animals, from free crocheting, to knitting and sewing patterns, this section shows you how

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For Animal Help Ideas


Frequently Asked Questions, asked by site visitors

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Animal Help Ideas Store

The Animal Help Ideas Store is coming soon. Meanwhile, click the link to learn about the different charity gift fundraising stores out there

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Search results

This is the search results page for the Animal Help Ideas website. Find what you are looking for quickly and easily

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